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Welcome to Color On The Creek!

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Sailing Through The Winter Solstice 2018

Our flotilla will launch this Saturday, November 17, beginning at 10 AM…. rain, snow or shine!

We’re anticipating the addition of 3 new boats this season bringing us to ten boats in the creek. In addition, “Heavens to Betsy” will again sail atop Brewers Alley and our Kris Kringle boat “Puff” will dock in front of City Hall after the procession on Friday evening December 7th.

This year’s arctic creek sailing craft will be awesome and varied! The boats will include brightly lit ketches, yawls and a legendary three master schooner as well. A mythically-themed Viking boat will round out the parade.

Last year over $20,000 was raised for five local charities. Let’s join together to make this year’s event even more generous!

We will have a “vote for your boat “ secure link at our website active in early December. For $1 a vote, you can support your favorite boats and their designated charities. 100% of your donation(s)/vote(s) go to support local registered 501(c)3 charities. Mark your calendars!

We’re pleased to announce the “Endurance Ball,” cohosted by Brewers Alley and The Berkheimer Group at Morgan Stanley, sponsor of “Heavens to Betsy,” on Tuesday evening January 15th at Brewers Alley.  It’s a first time event open to the public! Please come and support us. It’s a great opportunity to meet the sponsors, their captains and crew. If you’re thinking about sponsoring or building a boat next year this is the event to attend.

There is no admission cost and a portion of your tab will support Color on the Creek with a match from The Berkheimer Group. Watch for more details in several weeks.

This year’s Sailing Through the Winter Solstice will run through the Fire and Ice celebration in early February.

Sailing Through the Winter Solstice and Color on the Creek are sister subsidiaries of Friends of Carroll Creek Urban Park 501(c)3.

Please remember to vote for your boat and attend the ball.

Thanks for your support!

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Color On The Creek is an all volunteer inspired and managed water garden located in the Carroll Creek Linear Park which runs through the heart of downtown Frederick Maryland. Created in 2012, the garden transformed an algae plagued creek into a place of real beauty. The water garden blooms from April through October and is open and free to the public.  Stop by; you won’t be disappointed! Read more about us, get involved  or donate.

 Walking along the creek you can’t help but hear passersby admire the color and serenity of the setting.

“This is beautiful.”
“I wish our town would consider a project like this!”
“What a lovely place to stroll and enjoy the weather.”

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to our lovely town, make sure you take the time to enjoy Carroll Creek and the plantings we’ve added. This project began 5 years ago as an effort to enhance the water quality of the creek as well as to improve the aesthetics of Carroll Creek. Through volunteer efforts and corporate sponsorships, we’ve grown. Learn more...

Plant Materials in the Water Garden 

The plants varieties used for Color On The Creek are selected primarily to provide shade but also for beauty or visual interest. The plants in the Creek now include about 4,000 hardy lilies, lotuses and bog (emergent shallow water) plants including water irises, reeds, rush and cattail. Learn more…


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Your Contribution

Whether large or small, your contribution helps us continue our efforts and even enhance our offerings on the Creek. You are the reason we continue to thrive. Donate Now.

Volunteers run the show

Our volunteers are the backbone of this project. We started with 100 volunteers in 2013 and have grown to over 400 participating volunteers and donors. We always need volunteers – especially during our two spring plantings and fall clean–up when it’s time to put the water garden to bed! Would you like to help? We have fun. We learn. Get to know your neighbors and friends. Volunteer Now.