Stargazer II

Sponsored by the Wine Kitchen Supporting Color on the Creek STARGAZER I was made in the back of a coleman jon boat in 2016 as the first and only boat in Sailing Through the Winter Solstice. She also wore the name USS Hamster in honor of Jason Kremers who had deployed to Iraq that winter.… Continue reading Stargazer II

Carroll Creek Clipper 2020

Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek Chosen Charity Second Chances Garage Designed to celebrate Rotary Club of Carroll Creek’s 25th anniversary year, the Carroll Creek Clipper Team started planning in March 2017. We purchased a fiberglass 12-foot one-mast sailboat in May, and spent about 400 man-hours over the following 6 months through weekly… Continue reading Carroll Creek Clipper 2020

Key To Freedom 2020

Key to Freedom 2020 Sponsored by Matan Supporting: Frederick Health Hospice Veterans Program For the last several years Matan’s Philanthropic Committee took a pledge to “Be the Change” and has worked at increasing our community involvement to give back in Frederick County. At our holiday lunch at the Wine Kitchen back in 2018, we admired… Continue reading Key To Freedom 2020

Colleen’s Crew 2020

Colleen’s Crew 2020 Sponsored by New Era Custom Design and Cabinet Supporting: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Every story has a back story. Ours begins with the 1996 birth of Pat and Molly Crowley’s second of three daughters. Aptly named Colleen, she was, and is, the perfect embodiment of her Irish heritage – fair skin, strawberry hair,… Continue reading Colleen’s Crew 2020

Snallygaster and Twins 2020

Snallygaster and Twins 2020 Sponsored by Landscape Services Inc. Supporting: Sophie and Madigan’s Playground The story behind Snallygaster and the Twins. The first year we constructed only the Snallygaster, Ed wanted to name Sophie and Madigan’s Playground but found out that it wasn’t “ready” to receive funds. So that first year we chose Glade Valley… Continue reading Snallygaster and Twins 2020