STTWS Boat Rides

Hello Frederick! We are so glad that you love our 2021-2022 Sailing through the Winter Solstice fleet and want to experience them up close with one of our very own C.C.C.G. captains!

Boat rides are on a first come, first serve basis and are dependent on a few factors. We need a captain, favorable weather conditions and to be sure there are no icebergs in the water.

Important things to know

Is there a fee?
No, the rides are completely free.
We do ask that you consider a donation of a non perishable, or personal hygiene item for the Frederick  Rescue Mission. If you forget an item but feel moved to donate consider scanning the QR code we have available to donate directly to them or any of the other amazing charities via a vote for  Sailing Through The Winter Solsitce
How to know when you can go cruising down the creek in the USS Hamster?
We post on our Sailing Through The Winter Solstice Facebook and Instagram Stories when all the above factors align.
Where to park?
There are multiple parking decks throughout downtown Frederick the closest being the Carroll Creek Garage at 44 E Patrick St.
Where to wait?
Under the suspension bridge along the creek

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