Holly Jolly Roger 2020

Holly Jolly Roger 2020
Sponsored by Kevin and Jeannie Hessler
Supporting: I believe in Me Inc.

The boat, now known as The Holly Jolly Roger, was originally donated by Shelia Thompson, in honor of Dr. Thompson, her husband, who was a local dentist who had worked on the boat. He passed away after it was finished.

Sailing Through the Winter Solstice was happy to adopt the land vessel to continue bringing joy to many. The first year, 2018, the vessel was transformed into Puff the Dragon and was pulled in the Kris Kringle parade by Pete the horse. She sat on land near LaPaz restaurant. In 2019 she was again transformed, this time, into a pirate ship. We chose the name of The Holly Jolly Roger. A tribute to Captain Hook’s ship along with a nod to the holiday season. She again was pulled in the Kris Kringle parade, but this time by Pete, the doctor, manually! The weather was so miserable and the horse was not available. Kudos, Pete! She found her home in front of The Wine Kitchen.

This year, 2020, she is again in front of The Wine Kitchen. It is a great boat to climb into and have a picture snapped!

Sailing Through The Winter Solstice begins sometime in mid-November every year when the boats that have been constructed and planned are launched into Carroll Creek. The 12+ week event benefits the city of Frederick in more ways than one. Each boat supports a local charity. Sailing Through Winter Solstice endures through the weekend of Fire and Ice – the first weekend in February. Shortly after that weekend, the boats are lifted from the creek and put into storage – only to be refurbished and polished up for the next year. For 2020 there were 24 boats raising funds for charitable organizations, and one smaller boat, USS Hamster, constructed to serve as a maintenance and rescue boat for repairs, as needed during winds, snow and ice conditions.



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