USS Hamster 2020

The Carroll Creek Coast Guard Boat

She rises again to watch over the fleet that she began 5 years ago. The bones of the original Stargazer and USS Hamster were used to make a rescue and maintenance vessel with design by Kyle Thomas and design and construction by Thom Beckley who also constructed the USS FREDERICKTOWNE Aircraft carrier introduced into the fleet this year. The craft was skillfully painted by Josh Diffenbaugh who has painted and provided creative design advances for numerous vessels since joining the Thomas Kremers team in 2017.

Sailing Through The Winter Solstice begins sometime in mid-November every year when the boats that have been constructed and planned are launched into Carroll Creek. The 12+ week event benefits the city of Frederick in more ways than one. Each boat supports a local charity. Sailing Through Winter Solstice endures through the weekend of Fire and Ice – the first weekend in February. Shortly after that weekend, the boats are lifted from the creek and put into storage – only to be refurbished and polished up for the next year. For 2020 there were 24 boats raising funds for charitable organizations, and one smaller boat, USS Hamster, constructed to serve as a maintenance and rescue boat for repairs, as needed during winds, snow and ice conditions.

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