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Something beautiful is about to happen!

Something beautiful is about to happen! Color On The Creek is going four seasons with Sailing through the Winter Solstice by Color on the Creek.

Beginning this December, after an inaugural appearance in the Kris Kringle Parade on December 9th, Color on the Creek will introduce an initial “test boat” to be moored in Carroll Creek just west of the suspension bridge… hopefully in years to come she will be joined by many others as our flotilla is formed. The plan is to have small flat bottomed 5 to 12 foot Jon boats transformed into beautiful old world sailboats. Imagine eventually having 15 or 20 boats stretching from Court Street to the Iron bridge, including gaff-rigged ketches, yawls, three-masted schooners and pirate ships, moored with their sail outlines, rigging and decks lit up from dusk till dawn. If you can’t imagine it make sure to come by and take a look at year one. . . and then imagine what it will look like in years to come as the flotilla grows!

All proceeds raised will flow to Color On The Creek and other participating Frederick County based charities. The event will run from the second week of December through the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Fall Maintenance for Color on the Creek

It has been a great season for the Water Garden but the final golden rays of fall are fading ……it is time to put it to bed.

We will perform fall maintenance on the Color On The Creek water-garden section between Court Street and Carroll Street on Saturday Nov 5th from 9 AM to Noon.

We will again remove surface vegetation to improve the appearance of the creek over the coming winter months but also to improve water quality long term. The improved water clarity we saw this summer is mostly attributable to lessening algal concentrations resulting from the cooler water and sunlight deprivation the shading plants produced but diminished nutrients available to the algae may have contributed as well. Removing the dying vegetation during the summer and each fall will prevent that vegetation from contributing to the algal food supply.

The City of Frederick will lower the water level in the creek several feet to expose the top of all our pots which will greatly facilitate harvesting of the plant material. With the lower water levels both hip and chest waders will suffice for in-creek workers “a.k.a. water rats.”

As we have over the past several years, we will also place temporary metal grids on of top all the lotus pots to protect the protein rich lotus tubers from marauding muskrats.

What to bring and how to dress.

  • We will do our work rain, snow or shine so dress in layers for all possibilities.
  • We have lots of long- sleeve waterproof gloves for all in-creek and land volunteers.
  • We have many sets of waders, all of which provide great protection however some may not be entirely waterproof (cell phones should be left on shore)
  • If you have brooms, rakes and cutting instruments (machetes, hand pruning saws and gas powered trimmers are most helpful) please bring them.
  • If you have or know someone with a large float, Jon boat (sans motor) that would be great as well.

Thanks to the City of Frederick staff and all of you for your