The Boats, Sponsors and Charities

Saturday, November 17, nine boats began their voyage with the Sailing Through the Winter Solstice 2018 event.An energetic group of volunteers, sponsors and launch teams cooperated to make relatively quick work of the fleet launch. A tenth boat was added on Sunday, December 1. Heavens to Betsy joined us virtually, from her rooftop roost atop… Continue reading The Boats, Sponsors and Charities


Sailing Through The Winter Solstice. As we celebrate STTWS 2018, we decided to share the reasons our shipbuilders and designers had in mind for each boat, including construction and materials used. Enjoy.    The Snallygaster. It started last year when Ed happened to see a Viking themed sailboat with a carved head and a big… Continue reading Snallygaster

C.C.Y.C. – Carroll Creek Yacht Club Limited Edition Sweatshirts Available Now!

Ahoy and welcome to the auspicious “Carroll Creek Yacht Club!” Following the successful build and maiden voyage of the “Stargazer”, we are looking to expand the fleet this year and your support is greatly appreciated. C.C.Y.C sweatshirts are available for a limited time, in a limited quantity, so order soon. The sweatshirt types are not… Continue reading C.C.Y.C. – Carroll Creek Yacht Club Limited Edition Sweatshirts Available Now!

Launching Stargazer!

After a teaser appearance in the Kris Kringle procession, the inaugural launch of “Stargazer” was held on Wednesday December 14th for our “Sailing Through the Winter Solstice” celebration. The event was greeted with suitable fanfare – and we even earned a beautiful picture on the front page of the Frederick News Post the following morning!… Continue reading Launching Stargazer!